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Our spy agency has an arch nemesis - th Network Organisation For Undercover Naughtiness (NO FUN).  They are always trying to spoil kids fun.    Come along and defeat NO FUN in our special secret mission.   Only spies that have completed the training can complete this mission.    Someone needs to stop them, could it be YOU?

Calling all recruits.  Complete your training in the July school holidays and defeat NO FUN. 

Come and help save the holidays!

Psst, our spy training agency, has been asked to select and train new agents.   These agents need to help us work out what NO FUN have planned and stop them. 

Spy training includes:
-  Stealth Training  -  Create a Spy Identity with Code Name, Finger Prints, and disguises
-  Agility and Speed Training - Reaction timer, Timed Obstacle Course
-  Accuracy - Nerf Training, Steady Hands Test
-  Clever Thinking - Code Cracking, solving the clues to complete a mission!
Our Mission - To make July fun!
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