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Now you can have a spy party at your house.   The team from Psst! are now doing birthday party training sessions.

Our successful Spy Training days have proved so much fun that we have extended our training opportunities.  Now we can come to your place and train you and your friends!

Birthday Spy training includes:
-  Spy training ID Badge
-  Spy Handbook with all you need to know to be a spy
-  Stealth Training  -  Create a spy identity with code name, finger prints, and disguises
-  Agility and Speed Training - Reaction timer, timed obstacle course
-  Accuracy - Nerf target training, steady hand test
-  Clever Thinking - Code cracking, solving the clues to complete a mission!

Costs depend on number of children, and activities selected. Please contact us at kaiapoispy@gmail.com to make and enquiry.

We can also do community events and fun days!
Have a spy party at your house
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