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Psst - Professional Super Spy Training Agency is one of the best spy training organisations in Canterbury.  We know what it takes to become a proper, secret spy.
We train kids to be spies because kids make the best spies!

Our next training dates:           Friday 13th & Saturday 14th July 2018

Training Location:                     Kaiapoi North School Hall
Training Times:                        
Friday 1000 - 1200   (that is 10am - 12pm) Sold Out
                                                  Friday  1400 - 1600  (that is 2pm - 4pm)
                                                  Saturday  1000 - 1200   (that is 10am - 12pm)

Cost:                                          $10 per spy trainee
                                                       Caregivers are required (no charge for caregivers)

Click here to register as a trainee!

Spies are some of the most skilled people you will meet.  The need to have stealth, agility, speed, accuracy and clever thinking.   At our spy training school you will be trained in all these things.

Come along and get your Special Agent ID badge, train on the obstacle course, crack the secret message and gain a spy ranking. Then use your skills to complete a spy mission!   This year with more spy gadgets.
All the training you need to become a super spy!
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